Saturday, 14 November 2015

Fall of the Sea People

The Fall of the Sea People is now complete.

The last volume will be available from the usual places on November 19th, with one exception. Amazon will carry a single ebook which includes all five volumes.

Until November 19th the fifth volume will be available pre-order for 99 cents, or the same price for the whole series on Kindle.

To even up the odds I've created coupons for Smashwords, making all five volumes in the series free.

* Venus and the Sea People was originally free
* Hermes and the Sea People - MU33D
* Jove and the Sea People - TP99Q
* Saturn and the Sea People - ZT26R
* Mars and the Sea People - pre-order for $0.99

These prices and coupons only last until Thursday (19th November) so get them while they are hot.

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