Thursday, 10 September 2015

"To Sail Atlantis" Now in Pre-Order

You can now pre-order "To Sail Atlantis." I have set the price at 0.99 until the release date of 19th September 2015 -- International Talk like a Pirate Day!


Today I realised why the final edit of "Mars and the Sea People" has been going so slowly. The truth is that it hurts.

The final act of a classic tragedy is not a happy place to be. David Chandler defined a Shakespearean tragedy as "a five act play ending in the death of most of the major characters." I've had it on the point of final edit for six months now and my avoidance mechanisms have included publishing two books -- one completely unrelated.

Those books are out now and I am getting it done, even if it is painful. I hope to be done by the Day of Autumn and will have to be done by the Day of Death. I will make the deadline. The deadline is set by the publication date of 19th November 2015.

Meanwhile you may have noticed that I've changed some pricing policies. I am distributing a complete book through Amazon Kindle, which will cost ten dollars. Amazon will preview a large chunk of any book, making the first volume free. I can't list free books on Amazon so I have deleted "Venus and the Sea People" from their catalogue. I will be deleting the rest of the volumes from Amazon's catalogue in time, but I will delete them one at a time, in case any of you are working through them.

I can list free books through Smashwords, my other distributor, so "Venus and the Sea People" is now free there. Because of Amazon's preview it will remain free. Enjoy.